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Friday, December 10, 2010

Colourful Lips


Ingrid said...

Smile, because your garden is every year the spring.
It brings you colorful fragrant flowers,
birds sing and build their nest,
a summer where the sun ☼ dances on the leaves and the golden stars ★ shining in the sky
over a pond where the moon is reflected
and a wonderful autumn of your thoughts and fruits ripen.
But beautiful is also the winter,
especially if the love ❤ you hugs.

In this sense, dear Kush, enjoy all the seasons.
Appreciate every fine moment,
because life is as colorful as those tempting lips.

smile ♥Ingrid ♫

Ingrid said...

It's not the things that worry us,
but what we think about things.
~ Seneca ~